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For your entire family’s dental health, come to Dr. Jody Jones clinic! Dr. Jones offers a range of sought-after general and cosmetic dentistry services at his practice in Nashville, Tennessee. Patients enjoy receiving services from Dr. Jones and his professional team in a spa-like atmosphere. As a prominent cosmetic dentist in Nashville, Dr. Jones serves his patients with general dentistry, restorative dentistry, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

In order to improve the performance and search engine ranking of the website, we undertook a comprehensive optimization process. We started by updating old website content and ensuring that 404 error pages and redirect chains were cleaned up for better user experience. Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify top-ranking keywords, and we strategically incorporated them into the website content to enhance relevance and organic visibility.


  • Health and Fitness




    Our focus was to obtain quality backlinks from authority sites. Below mentioned is the list of off-page SEO activities done to get the desired results.

    • Local Listings
    • Quora Answers
    • Profile Creation
    • 3 rd Party Content Submission
    • 3 rd Party Content Promotion
    • Web Blog Promotions
    • Classified Ads
    • Social Bookmarkings
    • Forum Discussion
    • Micro Blogging
    • PDF Submission

    Campaign Was Optimized Considering Following Areas:

    • What Time Suits the Best?
    • Website USPs in Ad Copies
    • Extensions for Appealing Ads
    • Targeted Locations
    • Daily Budget
    • Focus on Improving Quality Score and Ad Rank.
    • Bid Adjustments Based on Keywords, Devices, and Locations



    End Result

    • Improvement in Keywords Ranking
    • Improvement in Website Organic Traffic
    • Improvement in Events Count
    • Website is Getting Maximum Traffic from the United States.
    • Improvement in Website Searches