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Policy to focus on import and export Logistics

The other key action areas include integrated digital logistics systems, standardization of physical assets, and benchmarking. To maintain competitiveness in the industry, it is important to be able to see what others are doing and how they are doing it. This way companies can improve their own processes.


  • Bookings
  • Shipping Cargos
  • Import-Export
  • Country: Global
  • Team Members: 6



Creativity is Import Export Business

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Want to grow your business? The key is to first export, then import. As an export referral, we’ll provide you with all information needed to get started. From the country to which you want to export, to a list of resources and contacts that will help you on your journey. An Export Quotation is an important document the Seller sends to the Buyer to detail the proposal of products to be ordered.


  • The website may lack a robust and integrated digital logistics system, making it challenging for developers to efficiently move goods and resources and hinder smooth operations.
  • Inadequate standardization of physical assets on the website can lead to inconsistencies and difficulties for developers in implementing uniform processes, resulting in a fragmented user experience.


  • Implement a sophisticated digital logistics system that streamlines the movement of goods, resources, and information, allowing for efficient tracking and management of shipments and processes
  • Introduce standardized design and development practices to ensure uniformity across the website, making it easier for developers to work on different components and improve the user experience.


  • Buy/Sell Products
  • Forward Reverse auction
  • Finance Support
  • Finance Support
  • Shipment Bookings