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Sharing Happiness through food globally

Sharing food from every famous food place near your friend’s location. Order food with the best user experience. Send and receive the foodstuffs to anyone at any place Globally. Set your budget and shop freely.

Desire according to your ‘Mood for Food’

A single window for sending, receiving, and requesting food from other users globally. This application will automatically show the list of marts or restaurants near the location selected. Provides you with the best data security and authorization.


  • Delivery
  • E-Commerce
  • Food
  • On-Demand
  • Food and Restaurant
  • CI4
  • Kotlin
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Country: Global
  • Team Members: 6




  • Other food delivery applications provide food to be sent to the people living in the same country you are living in, but not globally.
  • User must have the receiver’s address to send foodstuffs


  • This application provides the feature of sending, receiving, and requesting food to anyone at any place.
  • User can set recurring orders according to his convenience


  • This application provides user experience in 6 different languages. (English, Hindi, Spanish, Swahili, Portuguese, French)
  • Handling the information of each mart or store organized by country and city.
  • Setting up a chat feature in food delivery application.