Ecommerce solution with Multilevel marketing through referral system

Platform for purchasing as well as renting of products.


It is an MLM platform sells products to its customers. These customers when purchase products and refer this website to other people, their rank gets upgraded and they get commissions on the sales by new people. Customers can now also get products on rent. A downline of customers is presented to the Highly Ranked Customer to check the commissions they get.

Same platform can be used for purchase and rent of products. The company provides warranty period after every purchase of product to customers as well as commissions generated as per the downline.

The company supports Warranty, return and cancellation of products through this web solution and accordingly commission claw backs are maintained.

Even the products can be purchased by customers on rent and during rent they can even have facility to exchange another product on rent.


  • Buy
  • Exchange
  • Refer Earn
  • Rent
  • E-Commerce
  • E-commerce and Retail
  • Mutli-Level Marketing
  • Rental System
  • Woocommerce
  • Wordpress
  • Country: US
  • Team Members: 6




  • Various ranks necessitated various commission calculations and additional rank advancement.
  • Order cancellations must be addressed in order for the commission paid or to be paid.
  • Rent – No exchange or purchase of acquired items.


  • Automated rank advancement and commission computatio
  • Claw-backs reports are generated to manage order cancellations.
  • LS provides all facilities for exchanging a product via shipment solution, even if the product is rented.
  • Allow users to keep the rented items if they owe money.
  • QuickBooks is used to manage all accounting transactions, whether they are linked to orders or commissions.