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Our Approach

Lead Generation and Employment campaigns involve defining clear objectives, identifying target audiences, choosing suitable channels, creating engaging content, and optimizing landing pages. Allocate the budget wisely based on successful channels. Continuous monitoring and improvement are crucial to achieving success in both campaigns and expanding business reach while attracting qualified job seekers.


  • Health and Fitness




    In Paid Marketing, it’s important to ensure good ROI. This generally means that the revenue must be more than that of invested money. To make sure that we get the desired ROI, I started with competitor analysis and optimizing existing running campaigns.


    What we optimize

    • Targeting Interest and Behavior
    • Optimization of Each Ad
    • Quality Content Such as Headline, Creative and Primary Text.
    • Targeted Locations
    • Daily Budget
    • Dedicated Campaigns for Each Objective


    • In the first month, We spent a decent amount of time monitoring the results, and we got 168,861 reach, 578,633 impressions, and 345 leads.
    • In the 2nd month, Our objective was to keep the cost per result as low as possible while increasing leads for my campaign ads. We optimized campaigns and made some changes to improve the results. As we can see, our campaigns got 237,135 reach, 703,939 impressions, and 416 leads.