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Our approach

During the optimization process, we made significant improvements to the website. Firstly, we updated the website content to ensure it was current and relevant. Additionally, we addressed technical issues by cleaning up 404 error pages and redirect chains, enhancing the overall user experience. A thorough keyword research allowed us to optimize product pages to rank higher in search results. Meta titles and descriptions were carefully crafted to align with target keywords and increase relevance. We also tackled on-page issues, such as Alt Tags, Heading Tags, and product page URL Slugs, further enhancing the user experience and search engine visibility. To boost the visibility of product pages even further, we implemented Schema Code, which led to improved search engine rankings. These combined efforts resulted in a more user-friendly website with better search engine visibility for product pages.


  • E-commerce and Retail




    The focus was to obtain quality backlinks from high authority sites. Below mentioned is the list of off-page SEO activities done to get the desired results.

    • Business Listings
    • Product Submissions
    • Coupon Submissions
    • Brand Profile Creations
    • Classified Ads
    • Quora Answers
    • 3 rd Party Content Submission
    • 3 rd Party Content Promotion
    • Web Blog Promotions
    • Social Bookmarking

    Campaign was optimized considering following areas:

    • What Time Suits the Best?
    • Website USPs in Ad Copies
    • Extensions for Appealing Ads
    • Targeted Locations
    • Daily Budget
    • Focus on Improving Quality Score and Ad Rank.
    • Bid Adjustments Based on Keywords, Devices, and Locations



    End Result

    Rankings for the target keywords has improved. This was a fresh website and was not ranking in search results for the keywords at the initial start of work (in Jan 2022) but now (in June 2022) within six months of work, all the target keywords are attaining good rank positions in the search engine result pages. : Insights as observed in the Shopify Analytics, shows improvement in the website total product sales.