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Our Approach

We started optimizing one existing campaign [Painted Auto Body Parts] and created 3 new campaigns with different objectives. The three new campaigns were as follows:

Make/Model Campaign: It’s the type of search campaign with top-selling products.

Smart Shopping Campaign: It’s a shopping campaign with all the products.

Performance Max-1 Campaign: It’s a new goal-based campaign that allows performance advertisers to access all their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign.

Smart Shopping campaign [Top Models]: As the name suggests, it’s a shopping campaign with top products.


  • E-Commerce
  • E-commerce and Retail




    In Paid Marketing, it’s important to ensure good ROI. This generally means that the revenue must be more than of invested money. To make sure that we get desired ROI, We started with competitor analysis and keyword research including keywords bids to outrank the competitors.

    The first step was to list keywords that could add value to the campaign. For that, we have identified relevant keywords with high search volume and trends.

    Campaign Was Optimized Considering Following Areas:

    • What Time Suits the Best?
    • Website USPs in Ad Copies
    • Extensions for Appealing Ads
    • Targeted Locations
    • Daily Budget
    • Focus on Improving Quality Score and Ad Rank.
    • Bid Adjustments Based on Keywords, Devices, and Locations



    End Result

    After all the changes, we got 274.00 conversions. The total conversion value was higher than the total spend. We delivered 8.1X ROI in the second month.