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Make Services Digital by issuing id cards, tickets, coupons, member passes and punch cards

With this solution you get to know your customers better as well as your marketing gets easier and much more effective. With easier access to your services on multiple platforms your business becomes more environmentally friendly providing your customers with a low carbon footprint option

SmartWallet App – Customers

It has never been as easy for your customers to access your products and services. With the Smartwallet app your customers can store and use all their cards and tickets in one place.

Smart Scanner – Vendors(Issuers)

You don’t need complex and expensive hardware. With the Smartscanner app you can verify your customers passes before they are used.


  • Coupons
  • Digital Cards and Tickets
  • Consumer Based
  • Php(CodeIgniter)
  • React Native
  • Country: Iceland
  • Team Members: 4




  • Spending too much time and money on issuing and distributing paper and plastic cards and tickets
  • Experience misuse of your cards and tickets
  • Having Problems reaching your customer
  • Unhappy with the service you are providing your customers
  • Spending too much time on customer engagement
  • Unfamiliar with familiar with your customer needs


  • Free Starter Plan Trial – Begin today and get ahead
  • Sit back while we make your pass – Gather and send us your pass building material and we will make your pass for you.
  • Distribute your pass – It has never been as simple and secure to reach your customers. See our various distribution ways below.
  • Know your Customer – We will provide you access to statistics of your customer pass usage giving you better understanding of your customer needs.


  • Member Pass – This pass is just like license pass which has validity
  • Punch Pass – It can be scanned multiple times i.e. no. of punches are 8, 10, 12 or 14. It can be like gym membership pass through which attendance can be marked with each punch.
  • Ticket Pass – It is one time scan pass. This pass is just like event booking, movie ticket booking etc.
  • Coupons Pass – It is one time scan pass. This pass consists of discount coupon which user can redeem for various vendors