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Real Estate Photography Mobile App

It provides a platform for the Users to communicate with Retouchers. Making it very easy for a D.I.Y real estate photography solution. Users can easily upload their real estate photos to the platform and connect with professional retouchers who can enhance the images to make them more visually appealing. This eliminates the need for users to invest in expensive photography equipment or hire professional photographers.

Reach Experts to Transform Pictures

The photography app is specifically designed for passionate photography enthusiasts. Users can easily upload their images through the app, which are then returned to them after being enhanced by a team of professional re-touchers. These skilled professionals use advanced editing techniques to bring out the best in each photograph, ensuring that every detail is perfect.


  • Real-Estate
  • Retouching Images
  • Digital- Imaging services
  • Real state and Property
  • Work management
  • JAVA
  • Php(CodeIgniter)
  • Swift
  • Country: Australia
  • Team Members: 6




  • Users would have to rely on basic editing tools or software with limited features. This could hinder their ability to make precise adjustments and achieve the desired enhancements in their photos.
  • The absence of the app means users would miss out on the expertise of a professional team of re-touchers.
  • Without the app’s standardized editing features and professional touch, users may struggle to achieve consistent and satisfactory results across their photos

Solution – SSR

  • The app connects users with a professional team of re-touchers who possess expertise in photo editing. These professionals can provide valuable insights and make enhancements that elevate the quality of users’ photos
  • By utilizing the app, users can benefit from the guidance and skills of experienced re-touchers, ensuring their photos receive a professional touch

Snap Send Receive

  • Snap – Snap your real estate photos on your phone through the app.
  • Send – Expert re-touchers will be waiting for your real estate photographs. After you transmit the media through our picture editing tool, the team will edit it according to your directions, or you may leave it up to their creative direction.
  • Receive – After the Quality Assurance team reviews the images, you can download them straight from the app. Urgent delivery is 12 hours and standard delivery is 24 hours.


  • Capability to interact with HDR images
  • The Retoucher needed a single photo with 7 exposures of different brightness levels so that the best photo can be used.